Well that was fast- about as soon as I launched this thing I got the ability to post on Medium.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Medium, it’s the latest blog platform from Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger.  I really like the social aspect and new commenting they have implemented (comment next to the relevant section).  The conversations I’ve had thus far on a few articles has been much more interactive than on other platforms.  I’m also a huge fan of the design- simple, elegant, and content driven.  Anyway, I’ll be posting over there now, so check me out.  The fate of dudeitstommy.com is yet to be determined, but right now I don’t see myself coming back to WordPress any time soon…

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I used to scoff at the idea of a standing desk, especially for extended periods of time.  The only standing desks I encountered were in factories, and I couldn’t stand them (heh, see what I did there?).  I decided to give it a shot a couple weeks ago and I’ve completely changed my mind.  My solution is a bit ghetto, but it does the job: stack a couple boxes and and a dead laptop on a normal desk.

Boom. Standing desk.

I do have a slight riser for the monitors (via Lifehacker), but other than that it’s just some stuff under the keyboard/mouse.  I still like a chair once and a while, but I much prefer standing now.  I feel so much better working in front of a computer for an extended period of time, and hopefully being more productive too.  This little proof of concept worked out so well I’ll definitely be building something a little nicer in the future. My buddy Evan built one that looks pretty nice a bit ago.  Seriously, go try this out for yourself if you haven’t already.


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Yup…and I probably should have thought this through more.

If you know me, you know I have an insatiable curiosity- all things tech, science, design, film, music, and the list goes on. I’m trying to be “awesomer” every day and share that awesome with everyone around me.  This whole FaceTwit+ thing has served a purpose for the most part, but I began to realize I was having longer thoughts that a status update wouldn’t do justice.  A lot of these thoughts have come from conversations over a few drinks with friends, but haven’t gone much further than that night.  After a few beers I decided its time to dust off this domain and get something up.

So here I am with a hacked together WordPress theme and a domain derived from my first AIM screen name trying to be “awesomer”.  Perhaps I don’t have a concrete set of goals, but I’m not sure it really matters.  My commitment in the posts that follow is to share the fruits of my curiosity and things that get me excited.

I’m not entirely sure where this will go, but I’m going to try and post fairly regularly and maybe even get some semi-regular columns going.  At the moment I’ve been mostly interested in hacking my life and finding my way to happiness in my 20s.  I’m hoping this medium can help force me to get a lot of my thoughts out there (at the very least learn something about WordPress), and maybe some of what I end up writing and sharing will strike your fancy.  Here’s to my latest creative outlet- stay tuned for a selection of things rattling around in my head or stuff that fell out of the interwebz.

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